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Microwave Repair

Without a microwave oven,the process of preparing and reheating meals becomes more complicated. Most homeowners take their properly working microwaves for granted – until the appliance starts malfunctioning, of course. If you are experiencing any problems with your unit, get in touch with our microwave repair Reseda team as quickly as possible. Located in Reseda, California, we offer high-quality repair services and are available for same day appointments throughout the area. Call us today and we will be there to handle your microwave repair in a flash!Microwave Repair Reseda

Fast and affordable microwave repair in Reseda

The sooner you call In Town Appliance Repair Reseda, the sooner your microwave will be running normally again. We always provide our customers with detailed estimates before we even start working on the appliance. That way, you’ll get a peace of mind knowing that no hidden charges will be included in your final bill. No matter what went wrong with your unit, we will quickly detect the source of the problem and offer the best way to correct it. By being familiar with nearly all makes and models out there, our technicians can perform any microwave oven repair in a single visit.

We fix all common microwave issues, such as:

  • Microwave starts smoking
  • Appliance is making a loud sound
  • Rotating mechanism is out of order
  • Damaged digital displays
  • Broken heating elements
  • And much more!

The importance of regular microwave service

Although sometimes it’s easier to replace a faulty microwave, we suggest calling us for repair first.What may seem to be a major problem for you can be a simple fix for our professionals. Whatever the case is, we’ll have your microwave repaired for a small fraction of a brand new appliance.Aside from repairs, we specialize in preventative microwave service. Our technicians can help you avoid major breakages by checking your appliance on a regular basis. Once we detect some potential problems, we will fix them before they cause any harm. Contact us today if you have any questions or want to learn more about our services. Our Reseda microwave repair experts will be happy to help you!

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